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We build intelligent human-like robots to deal with boring, repetitive work. Let the robots do the unpleasant work.

How to use our robots?

Our robots can be used in various industries for numerous uses cases, providing you a customizable, affordable and  future-proof robotics platform.

Easily taught, trained and modified to accomplish new tasks.

Integrated into daily life and interact with us.

Work independently and together with people surrounded.

Healthcare Spotlight

People are getting older and need therefore more healthcare in future, but there is a constant lack of healthcare staff. Jinn-Bot is creating a solution for this problem by delegating recurring tasks to human-like robots, leaving the staff to focus on high-value tasks.

Platform and Features

We have created a flexible, modular and highly customizable technology platform enabling us to build human-like robots for a variety of use-cases.

Neural Engine  Icon

Neural Engine

We use low-energy computing boards and advanced neural processing units to power our intelligent robots.

Sensors  Icon


Our robots are equipped with various sensors like sonar, infrared, touch, geolocation and microphone.

AI  Icon

Artificial Intelligence

We have created pretrained models to easily add new skills to the robots.

Display Icon


We leverage displays to enable facial expressions. This makes our robots more human, while still maintaining adaptability.

Camera  Icon


The front camera is capturing people gestures, mimic and any other important visual information.

Speaker Icon


The speakers enable a human-like voice interaction with people.

3D Body Icon

3D-Printed Body

Our body parts are printed locally in 3D, providing high flexibility and supply chain security.

Motors Icon


Our motors are optimized for energy consumption and are key for the movement and physical interaction of our robots.

Battery Icon


We use long-lasting batteries and battery-saving components to increase productive time.

Challenge we aim to overcome

We are fighting boring, repetitive work to increase time for high value work.

repetitive work

Over 40% of workers surveyed spend at least a quarter of their work week on repetitive tasks.

reduce wasted time

Nearly 70% of workers say the biggest opportunity of automation lies in reducing time wasted on repetitive work.

Nearly 60% estimate they could save six or more hours a week with automation.

"We believe in a world where robots and humans live together and do what they are best at."

Roger Seeberger, CTO and Co-Founder

The Team behind jinn-Bot

We are a cross-functional team with deep roots in applied robotics, artificial intelligence and innovation. The leadership team has a proven entrepreneurial track record and is fascinated to make the world a better place.

Bojan Laskovic

Bojan Laskovic

CEO, Partner

Roger Seeberger

Roger Seeberger

CTO, Partner (Co-Founder)

Valérie Can

Valérie Can

COO, Partner

Michael Roggli

Michael Roggli

Head of Design (Co-Founder)

Dr. Rolf-Dieter Reineke

Prof. Dr. Rolf-Dieter Reineke

Strategic Advisor, Partner

Joshua Seeberger

Joshua Seeberger




AI Assistant

People believing in us

jinn-Bot awarded Prestige Award

Prestige Awards

In 2021/2022, jinn-Bot was awarded 1st place in the Prestige Awards for "Robotics Company of the Year".

jinn-Bot awarded Prestige Award

jinn-Bot partnership with RPB

In 2021, jinn-Bot has started the partnership with FHNW (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland) and RPB (Regionales Pflegezentrum Baden) to foster the development of humanoid robots in elderly care.

jinn-Bot awarded Innovation and Excellence Award

Innovation & Excellence Awards

In 2020, jinn-Bot was awarded 1st place in the Innovation & Excellence Awards for "Most Innovative Robotics Delivery".

jinn-Bot represents Switzerland with Swissnex China

jinn-Bot to represent Switzerland in Asia

The invitation of Swissnex China to the CES Shanghai 2019 enabled Jinn-Bot to represent Switzerland in Asia.

jinn-Bot at Swiss Innovation Challenge

jinn-Bot at Swiss Innovation Challenge

In 2018, jinn-Bot won the 3rd place in the category “Internationalization” at the Swiss Innovation Challenge.

jinn-Bot at Swiss Innovation Challenge

jinn-Bot received funding from Horizon 2020

jinn-Bot received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 854332 to enable jinn-Bot to compete with international robotics developers.

jinn-Bot academic partnerships with FHNW

jinn-Bot academic partnership with FHNW

jinn-Bot mantains an academic partnership with University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW to further explore the usage of robots in the healthcasre sector.

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