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Target audience for our robotic solutions
Innovative teaching materials are necessary to keep up to date with new technology. Jinn-Bot offers robotic systems to accomplish punctual, concise and effective learning solutions.  

Robotics solutions —
what do we offer?
All of our robots are modular.

«Jinn» has an interactive up to 24 degrees of freedom thanks to various sensors. The sensors are controlled by remote control or via a network. «Jinn» is animated, allowing direct user interaction. This is done through voice control, remote system, such as a tablet, or via the built-in web portal.

All of the Jinn-Bot products are innovative. «Jinn» is the first running humanoid robot which is designed and built in Switzerland. The other available models, «Kitty» and the «Robot arm», are based on the same technology and differ only in the number of servos and software modules as well as size. Check out our videos to see more (include icon to link)

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Rent or lease our JOEY-Robotic-solution

Individuell für den Kunden abgestimmte Präsentation und Interaktion mit den Kunden.

Development and distribution of individual optimized Robotik-solutions

The client receive the exactly optimized system for his task.

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