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Roger Seeberger
Managing Director / Developer
«The Android phone is the central control where all requests and responses to movement, voice control, WiFi, camera, motion sensors, etc. are placed. Other services are requested from decentralized cloud- or server areas»

Michael Roggli
CAD / 3D-Print / Development
Daniel Scheuber
Communication / Digital Media
Roger Seeberger
Managing Director /


Hotline / Phone:
+41 (0)76 682 39 16

Since the early 90s, I have
worked in computer science
in the industrial
environment. In 2003, some
friends and I started an
automation  and animation
system. Voice control
implementations and the
first robots followed (2006).
The miniaturization of the
servos and standard control
devices which are based on
Android are efficient, open
robotic systems, that have
helped me realize my ideas.

Michael Roggli
CAD / 3D / Development


«For 20 years I have worked
in the field of modeling.
This experience with the
processing of carbon,
silicon, laminar resin and
plastics of any kind helps me
in the «Jinn»-project.
The new technologies with
CAD and industrial 3D-
Printing inspire me and
allow a small company to
achieve great things»
Daniel Scheuber

«For over 20 years I have
worked independently with
www.sse.ch in the
IT-Business. Individual server
solutions and distribution of
digital media are some of
my main tasks. The digital
data workflow from scanning
an image to the digital
magazine with audio and
video also allows small
companies to distribute
documents in an economical
«Shape, functionality and service-friendliness for updates are the requirements that I have for the developmentof our products and services»
«Websites, digital media for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android tablets are the distribution options of present and future.
The data management for software updates must be simple and reliable - this is my responsibility»

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