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Short Information
The control of the «Roboticarm» is done via built-in intelligence, respectively. optional on Android devices with a paid Android app. The "«Roboticarm» is expandable in various stages of development.
CAD / 3D-Print / Development
«Robotarm» - basic training at school or at home
The «Roboticarm» provides low-cost training for high-end robot systems from ABB (™), Kuka (™), etc.
Variety of functions can be used as the «Robotarm». That is, remote control, web portal, voice control, gamepad, Gloves. Thanks ROS (Robotic operating system) this «Robotarm» can be addressed as in the professional industry environment. On wish we integrate robotic systems in our development environment to make them controllable by our «Jinn-Bot-App».

All components are made in our in-house 3D printing, spare parts can be quickly and economically produced and delivered.

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