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«Kitty» – the initial robot with potential

«Kitty» was  developed for schools and young developers
aged 16 and older to  introduce them to  «Robotic-Technology».

«Kitty» is delivered as a complete system, or as a kit. The assembly is explained
in digital eBook's or videos. Of course there is also the opportunity to chat with the Development-Department about open questions.

The control software runs on Windows XP and on Android phones. The compatibility list provides information on technical requirements.

What is the great benefit of »Kitty»?

By starting on the webportal,  students  can manipulate the system by interacting with the sensors and the engines. Further microcontroller and Javaprogramming can be done by the students to expand  the system.
«Kitty» is not just «Kitty», It is  a modular system of hardware and software. In addition, the «Jinn-Bot community» allows a lively exchange of knowledge and experience with the opportunity to further develop the software under the «Jinn bot open source»-license.

Due to the 3D printing production itself there are new options - there are no limits to imagination.

Brief information
The control of the Kitty robot is done via built-in intelligence. Control using an Android devise is possible using the gratuitous Kitty Android App  «Kitty» is expandable to various stages of development.

CAD / 3D-Print / Development
Download / Updates
All components are created in our own 3D printing-division, spare parts can be quickly and economically produced and delivered.

Programs can be automatically adapted or extended by clients:

Control software: running on WindowsXP. the
available free of charge "Kitty control App" requires a device with ANDROID 4.1.2.

Stages of development KA bis KF:
Programming language: Java from V. 1.6, Eclipse (recommended), motion sets in customizable XML.

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