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Brief information
The control of the robots is done via built-in intelligence. «Jinn» is expandable for various stages of development. Optional functionality for Android devices is available with the paid «Jinn» Android App.
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«Jinn» – the robot with potential

«Jinn» is taller, stronger and more complex than other humanoids. He is
available for private and public schools, universities, health providers as
well as  private customers. «Jinn» can interact in real-time, thanks to
high-end hardware. «Jinn» is delivered with additional hardware and
software, including “Gloves”

What is the great benefit of «Jinn»?

Since Java Programming is user-friendly for robotics and control sensors. (erase space), «Jinn» is apt for  future product development  in research and development in areas such (erase space)
Personal Assistance (Elderly Care, Children's Hospital), animation, presentation, and custom robotics. (Erase space).
Due to 3D printing production new options are in continuos development –(erase space) there are no limits to imagination.

What can «Jinn» do?

«Jinn» can hear and speak. «Jinn»  can visually orient direction and actions (integration OpenCV). . «Jinn» will develop a personality and experience different moods during the day.
«Jinn» can be remotely controlled over the internet (WebCam-monitoring, physical functions).

All components are created in our own 3D printing-division. Spare parts can be designed quickly, economically produced and timely delivered to meet your needs.
Programs can be automatically adapted or extended by clients:

«Jinn»-Standard edition:
Control software: runs on WindowsXP. The«Jinn control App», the additional paid option requires a ANDROID 4.1.2 device.

Stages of development JA - JF:
Eclipse is recommended to use with the programming language (Java V. 1.6). Motion sets are customizable in XML.

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