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One company,
one vision
What began out of interest several years ago, is
now a Swiss company with standardized
processes and modular robotic concepts. Our
team is making every effort to present robotic
requests for  real solutions. The continuos
strive for improvement combined with new
technology development is the basis for our
interest in robotics which has provided us with
joy over the years.

Jinn-Bot Robotics & Design GmbH

«Our company's goal is to deliver robotics to the masses»
Michael Roggli, Developer CAD / 3D-Print

Our robotic systems are suitable for mass production

«Jinn-Bot Robotics & Design GmbH» provides robotic systems based on industry-standard modules intended for educational and technology users. All components are 100 % digitally designed and produced with 3D printers for international use. The manufacturing methods enable  tailor made robot parts on  customer sites based on CAD drawings or can incorporate new designs. The Windows or Android-controlled robot can be easily extended to for specialized applications thanks to a «Jinn-open source concept». Features include motion sensors, infrared sensors, solar panels,  and voice control among other functions. The possibilities are endless.

More robotic solutions for everyday life applications  are under development.

Jinn-Bot Robotics & Design GmbH was incorporated in: 2014

Number of persons in the projects: 5

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